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What is distraction burglary?
Distraction burglary is often a tactic used by criminals to enter your home, posing as officials or asking for
your help with something. Although the number of attempts of this kind are nowhere near the number
of crimes committed each day, we must all remain vigilant.
What to look out for:
Security Company Brighton Be aware; some criminals work alone,
but often they are in a group of two
or more.
Security Installer Brighton The caller will have a convincing
excuse to enter your home that can
seem genuine or urgent.
Brighton Security Company The caller will try to persuade you to let them into your home and keep you occupied whilst others search your house for cash and valuables.
Security Company Brighton
A genuine caller will happily wait outside while you check on them by calling their organisation and or calling a family member or neighbour. If you suspect a bogus caller is at your door, pretending to be someone
they aren't, call 999.
A few tips from the experts
to keep you safe:
Security Brighton If you're unsure who is standing at the otherside of the door, don't open it. You can check the identity of your caller very easily by contacting the company who they are saying
they are from i.e. Gas, Electricity, Water or Police. Do not use any telephone number provided by the caller, they may be fake.
Security Company Brighton If you are ever in uncertainty, call a neighbour, relative or friend to come along and check out the caller before you open the door to them.
Security Company Brighton Some areas in the country have Neighbourhood Watch or Nominated Neighbour Schemes you can sign up to. You can check with your local police 'Safer Neighbourhood Team' to find out which scheme is running in your area.
Security Installer Brighton A majority of utility providers nowadays offer security schemes to protect their client's from fraud callers. You can sign up to a password scheme or hotline numbers to call to check the identity of callers before opening the door.
Security Company Brighton Never leave large amounts of cash at home; ensure it is safe at the bank or post office.
Security Company Brighton Burglars will use any excuse to gain access to your home. If someone asks for your help, asks to use your telephone to make a call or requests a pen and paper for example, simply refer them to a younger neighbour or assist them through a closed door. Once again, you could call a friend or neighbour to come and assist.
Security Brighton REMEMBER,
If you suspect a bogus caller has visited you, even if you haven't let them in, call the police straight away. They need to know!
Security Company Brighton
Security Company Brighton
Security Company Brighton
Doorstep Crime   Anti-burglary Campaign   Top 10 Security Tips
Together we can lead the fight against doorstep
crime, learn more about distraction burglary
and how to keep safe.
  Sussex police launch an anti-burglary campaign
to tackle home break-ins or 'burglary
dwellings' across Sussex.
  We've compiled a list of small changes you
can make to your home to improve
your security.
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