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Burglar Alarms
The recognisable sound of an alarm system, be it on a house or a car, is an every day occurrence, but with today's environmental controls in place restricting the length and pitch of the emitted sound, alarm's are readily ignored by most people. This can leave your basic alarm system ignored in the event of a serious matter.

Here at AM Fire and Security, we believe that you, your family and your property shouldn't be ignored at the time you need help the most. We strive to keep your propertys secure, helping you feel secure in the knowledge that you are safe within your home.
Burglar Alarms Hove
Hove Burglar Alarms Our alarm package comes with everything you need to secure your home
Burglar Alarm Installer Cost effective wireless alarms allow for easy installation
Security Installer Hove Each alarm system we install can be tailored to your direct needs
Sussex Security Installers We carry a large range of systems for homes of all sizes
When any of our high-end alarms are triggered, signals are quickly sent to our monitoring center, who in the event of a genuine emergency will take appropriate action. With unrivalled intelligence, our alarm systems alert the right people at the right time.This ensures your home is monitored 24 hours a day 365 days a year, even when your not there! For more advice and information on protecting your property, possessions and the people you care about call us on 0800 719597 or email us today.
Benefits of a burglar alarm system:
Burglar Alarms Hove Expandability: Wireless alarm systems now include all the features of wired alarm systems with the benefit of quick and easy installation.
Hove Alarm installer Security: Our security service is not only here to help you find the perfect system for your needs, we're here to help you feel safe within your home.
Burglar Alarms Hove
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