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Risk Assessments - Don't take the risk
You are now fully responsible for your Fire Risk Assessment and it is imperative that you cover the necessary risks to ensure you are not liable. This includes identifying potential fire hazards
whilst taking action to evaluate and reduce fire risk.
Fire Alarm Installer Hove
Are you breaking the law?
Fire risk assessments are a legal require-ment for commercial properties, make
sure your aren't liable by calling our team.
Fire Alarm Installer Hove
Unsure what you need?
We can help you at every step to
ensure that your premises complies
to all laws and legislation.
Fire legislation is changing
Fire risk assessments have always been a legal requirement for all non-domestic properties. Since the change in law, you are now responsible to take this assessment into your ownd hands to help reduce the risk of fire damage.
Speak to our team
Fire Alarm Installers
You must also ensure that any occupants can escape from the building in an orderly manner in the event of a fire, this generally is formed in the shape of a fire escape plan. Here at AM Fire & Security, we have many years of experience dealing with the installation of fire systems and ensuring that our clients fire risk assessments are up to date and all the correct procedures are in place to avoid fire risk and be compliant with the law.
Our Fire Risk Assessments will help you to:
Fire Alarm Installer Identify fire hazards
We survey and identify potential fire hazards and ignition.
Fire Alarm Installer Identify persons at risk
Evaluate who could be especially at risk, due to their environment or job responsibilities.
Fire Alarm Installer Evaluate each risk
We eliminate, reduce and remove fire risk.
Fire Alarm Installer Record, plan and train
Records are taken of risks and how we have gone about tackling them. Staff are trained.
Fire Alarm Installer Monitor and review progress
Fire risk assessments should constantly be under review, we can work with you to fit this into any existing
fire maintenance service we provide you with.
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