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Top 10 Security Tips
The main advice we give to all our customers is to speak with the experts, there is no replacement for experience
in the industry and local area. Our team have been providing security systems and combating local crime
since 1985 and are always happy to provide advice to keep your family safe.
Review the exterior of your home
Sometimes it is the small things that make a big difference, review the outside of your home to check for any weak spots in your home security. Burglars will take any opportunity if they feel they can gain access easily. Check the vulnerability of gates, locks and windows and ensure you are not accidently providing a route to entry with climbable fences or sheds.

You can make a difference by locking away any tools and items such as ladders, or think about planting in--passable plants or bushes to deter opportunist criminals.
Security Company Sussex
Opportunist thieves
Simple changes to your routine can help to deter criminals when you are away from home. Light timers are an inexpensive way to stop your home from being targeted, making it appear that someone is home. Remember, the last thing a burglar wants is to get caught.
Physical security measures
If you are constantly bothered by vandalism or being targeted by burglars, phyiscal security measures such as security grilles or bars are often the best solution. Decorative bars can vastly improve your security and areideal for applications where windows look onto busy pavements or high-streets.
Common bad habits

Review your day-to-day routine and think about your own influence on the level of security at home. It can be simple things such as leaving keys in locks or in-view from windows and doors. Simple measures such as checking that side gates or garages are locked at all times can make the difference. It can only take a small inconvenience for a burglar to be deterred.

Security Company Sussex
Car Keys
Statistics show that car keys are the most likely possesion to be stolen in a burglary, don't make it easy for them by leaving keys in plain sight.
Security Company Sussex
Windows and doors
Ask a vetted, inspected and qualified security surveyor or locksmith to review your door and window security for weak locks and poor installation. The correct equipment is built to last and withold common tactics used by burglars, however if they are not installed correctly they are easily broken, leaving your home vulnerable. You can make a difference by locking away any tools and items such as ladders, or think about planting in--passable plants or bushes to deter opportunist criminals.

Furthermore, ensure your locks meet or exceed your insurance requirements.
Light Sensors
At night you want to give off the impression that your home is being watched. Intruder alarm systems are the best way to deter criminals, ensuring your exterior bell-box is visible from the front of the property. Light sensors are also an inexpensive way to deter unwanted visitors, a sudden beam of light at the front and rear of the house will startle any intruders and cause them to flee.
Security Company Sussex
Home Safes
For little expense you can pick up a home security safe to store valuables. Safes come in all shapes and sizes, with various lock options and applications to provide that extra peace of mind that your possessions are behind lock and key. Remember, always ask a specialist locksmith to specify and install a safe.
Garden Sheds

Make sure that garden tools are always kept locked inside the shed. Not only do they open an invite to be stolen, but can used by burglars to gain entry into your home. Shed locks are inexpensive and are a vital addition to your home security.

Protect french doors and UPVC doors

Alongside new locks you may also want to look into the installation of sash jammers to UPVC doors or alternatively, install top and bottom bolts on french doors for extra security when your are away from home for a long time.

Security Company Brighton
Security Company Brighton
Security Company Brighton
Doorstep Crime   Anti-burglary Campaign   Top 10 Security Tips
Together we can lead the fight against doorstep
crime, learn more about distraction burglary
and how to keep safe.
  Sussex police launch an anti-burglary campaign
to tackle home break-ins or 'burglary
dwellings' across Sussex.
  We've compiled a list of small changes you
can make to your home to improve
your security.
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