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Fire Alarms - Don't take the risk
It is common knowledge that a well installed, quality fire detection and prevention system can save
lives. When fire strikes your property, an automatic fire detection system provides the
earliest and best possible warning for your home or business.
Fire Alarms Sussex
The latest fire safety standards
Our fire safety system engineers are fully accredited by the leading inspectorates
to ensure an unrivalled service.
Fire Alarms Sussex
Cost effective fire systems
Different properties require different
planning. We offer a range of options
tailored to your direct needs.
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Addressable Fire Alarms
Fire Alarms Sussex
Conventional Fire Alarms
Fire Alarms Sussex
Fire Suppression
Sussex Fire Alarms
Disabled Refuge
Fire Alarm Brighton
Fire Extinguishers
Fire Alarms Brighton
Water Leak Detection
Precautions you can take
Fire in any environment can cause chaos, leading to unclear instructions, with a clear plan in place, staff can simply refer to your plan and work together to ensure you are all out of the building in the safest way.
The importance of a fire alarm
Fire Alarm Installers Sussex
A pre-arranged meeting place should be the backbone of your escape plan, therefore it can be simple to head-count and check if there is someone no present. The last situation you need is a missing person to have simply escaped out the rear of the building, unknown to everyone else, leaving lives at risk as someone returns to the building to search.
Fire Systems Sussex
Benefits of a fire safety plan
Fire Alarm Installer Precision: Our intelligent fire systems are tested in the harshest of environments to ensure they are working at their optimum performance in all conditions, eliminating the possibility of false whilst confirming your investment is spent in the right place.
Fire Alarm Installer Cost Effective: With a fire detection system installed by one of our team, you can benefit from cost savings on your building insurance premium, infact, many providers now ask for proof of a fire system as standard.
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