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Conventional Fire Alarms
Protecting people and property from fire risk can be dealt with in a number of ways, all dependent on your premises and how you wish to secure it. We provide fire systems with automatic fire detection, providing you with the earliest possible warning to take action.
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Conventional fire alarms are commonly found in smaller or less complicated buildings and applications, utilising smoke and heat detectors alongside manual call points to detect outbreaks or trigger an alarm in the event of an emergency. Each device is grouped in 'zones' and installed across the property as part of a pre-arranged fire system design.
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Fire Alarm Installers Brighton
Fire Alarms Brighton
How it all works

Once installed, your main fire alarm control panel carefully monitors the resistance across each zone. If a fire is detected, or a manual call point is triggered, the resistance across the zone in question will drop - alerting the control panel and subsequently sounding the alarm.

The main dis-advantage of a conventional fire alarm is its in-ability to report detailed information in the event of a fire. Whilst your control panel can clearly identify which zone has been triggered, it does not signal which individual detector sent the alarm signal. In many cases, zones can contain any number of devices dotted throughout your premises. This lack of information can subsequently effect the search time needed to find the source of the fire. Learn more about addressable fire alarms.

Utilising many years of experience working within fire and security, our specialist engineers can provide advice as to whether a conventional fire alarm is suitable for your property. We take into account your direct requirements, your industry, your property as well as the requirements of outside regulatory bodies or insurers.

Fire Alarm Installers Brighton A wide range of fire devices available, including smoke and heat detectors
Conventional Fire Alarms Brighton Trusted and proven control panels, including manual call points and emergency alerts
Fire Alarm Installers Brighton Perfect for smaller properties or those with fewer (or less complicated) requirements
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