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Optical Beam Detection
Optical beams can be alternative in detecting smoke and fire as part of your addressable fire
alarm. Utilising a projected beam of light to detect smoke, the devices are typically found in
larger areas where the application of standard smoke detectors would either be
restricted or not cost effective.
How do they work
Optical beam smoke detectors can be applied in a number of manners to detect smoke, but are often found in one of two forms. Many large premises across Brighton protected with a fire alarm will have a similar device in place to overcome problems or limitations of normal point fire detectors.
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Fire Alarms Brighton
Fire Alarms Brighton
End-to-end optical beam detectors

End to end optical beam detectors comprise of two devices, one a transmitter and the other a receiver. Each device is aligned from one side of the room to another and they work on the principle of light obscuration - the transmitter will project a beam of light to the receiver, where it will be constantly monitored for a decrease in the received signal.

In the absence of smoke, light passes freely between transmitter and receiver in a straight line, with little to no obscuration. However, in the event of a fire, smoke rises into the path of the optical detector and absorbs or scatters the beam of light, thus triggering the fire alarm.

The combination of UV and IR wavelengths are often used to prevent false alarms. As each wavelength reacts to smoke differently, intelligent fire alarms with optical beam detection can clearly identify conditions of a fire over anything else, including fog, steam or even wildlife blocking the beam.

For more information regarding our fire alarms or optical beam detection, or if you have a large premises in Brighton in need of protection, speak with our expert fire engineers on 0800 716 597.
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