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Alarm Packages

Prevent intrusion and theft in your home with the installation of an alarm system from AM Fire & Security.

Wireless Alarm Installer Brighton
We offer affordable alarm packages that ensure your property and your belongings are safe from intrusion and theft.
Burglaries happen, but what can we do to ensure that this doesn't happen again?
Unfortunately burglaries will happen and measures are normally taken after a break in has occurred. Here at AM Fire & Security we can offer the best protection for your home by installing the latest in alarming technology from Texecom as part of our wireless alarm package.

Not only are our alarm systems reliable and thoroughly tested, but have also proven time and time again to be a vital deterrent in preventing crime at your home. For more information about our alarm package, please get in touch with our team and they will be able to tell our what is involved, and pricing behind it.
Sussex Security Company
Wireless Alarm Installers
What's included in
the alarm package?
Alarm Installer Brighton
1 x Wireless system control keypad
Alarm Installer Brighton
3 x Quad infra red movement sensors
Alarm Installer Brighton
1 x Standard door/ window sensor
Alarm Installer Brighton
1 x External wireless siren
Alarm Installer Brighton
5 x System control proximity fobs
Alarm Installer Brighton
NSI Gold certificate of compliance
This package is priced at £650 inc VAT + installation
Wireless Alarm Installer Brighton
Simple & easy to use
Our range of wireless alarm systems have been designed so that they are simple and easy to use for all ages of people. If you would like to know basic steps like setting up your alarm code, our team are always here to help you.
Wireless Alarm Installer Brighton
Smart phone control
Should you have forgotten to set your alarm and are unable at the time to get back to your property, our alarm systems can be controlled by your phone allowing you to set/ unset your alarm from anywhere and anytime.
Wireless Alarm Installer Brighton
Proven deterrent
Criminals are more likely to avoid a property with an alarm system due to the fact that there is an increased chance they may be caught. If you would like to know more about this package, please contact our team who will happily assist.
Wireless Alarm Installer Brighton
Intruder detection
Our alarm package features 2 sets of different sensors which include 3 quad infra red sensors and 1 standard door/ window sensor. These sensors here have been especially designed to detect intruders on site as well as minimising the chance of a false alarm.
Police response ready - What does this mean for you?
Our alarm package has the potential to be "police response ready" if the signalling devices are added. Should your alarm be triggered, your alarm is then verified by professionals before the police attend your property. This here gives you the peace of mind that in the event of a break in, a response will happen as quickly as possible.

For more information about this and any additional support you would like, please get in touch with our team today who will happily assist you in your enquiry.
Sussex Security Company
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