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The latest in electronic locks, allowing users to increase their levels of security and control in one clean sweep. XS4 locks allows users to control the level of security for each applications, ranging from the combined use of a PIN code
and proximity card to either singlar card or PIN entries.

Designed for the use in schools, colleges, airports and government buildings,
the latest XS4 lock systems can easily be installed without the need of hard-wiring. This not only cuts installation times and down-time, but provides a
totally wire-free networked access solution with Salto's impressive Virtual
Network technology.

Contact AM Fire and Security to learn more about Salto and XS4 technology.

> Three levels of security to apply to each lock
> Wireless XS4 technology, no wires!
> Quick installation, reduced down-time




For the ultimate in flexibility, the SALTO Virtual Network (SVN) can only be matched with an expensive hard-wired or Wi-Fi network necessary to communicate between the key readers. Salto's alternative utilises a unique combination of readers, some of which are 'live' on the system and others that are stand-alone, avoiding the need to install expensive infrastructure.

The SVN maintains data flow between the controlling software and the offline readers without needing to be wired, or connected by infrared or Wi-Fi communications. Instead of expensive data infrastructure, communication is encrypted and stored on the 'intelligent' RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) key. By using two-way communication between the key and reader, it transports the necessary data to the offline readers, and is updated automatically by online readers. This is ideal for systems spread across especially large areas such as campuses, or across several locations. View more features

> A fraction of the cost of a hard-wired system
> Unlimited audit trail capability

> Fast installation, outstanding performance
> Unlimited audit trail capability

As well the key being updated with current data at on-line readers, there can also be data 'Hot-Spots' at high traffic locations within the campus. The 'Hot-Spots' receive and transmit data to the keys that update user, staff and even contractor access information, which is then transmitted onto the off-line readers as soon as they are used. This system enables full control of access from a central station, without needing complex, expensive and insecure network communications.

This two way communication can also transmit auditing, attendance, and timekeeping information back to the central system automatically.


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Why choose Salto Access Control?
Salto are easily one of the most well known access control providers in the security field. Their most recent steps forward in technology include the long-awaited XS4 wire-free technology integrated into Salto's own Virtual Network (SVN) software.

Users can benefit from cutting edge technology with an unrivalled level of choice and expandability.
Salto Access Control Salto's Virtual Network can achieve 90% of the benefits of a full, online access control system.
Salto Access Control Access control systems that provide you with all the security and control you will ever need.
Salto Access Control However many doors and entrances you need to secure, we have the solution.
NSI Gold Security Installers
All our installers are have NSI Gold accreditation, which is the very highest level of recognition from the UK specialist certification body.

Our engineers have done everything they can to provide you with an unrivalled installation service, working to the latest of British standards. Maintenance is also performed by our experienced engineers, we are able to set-up regular site visits to help ensure your security systems are working to their full potential.
NSI Gold Installation
Contact AM Fire and Security
Looking to learn more about Salto's large range of access control systems? Or simply looking to get a quote for your application? Contact our expert security staff here at AM Fire and Security and we can help you find the perfect access control system for your needs.

We are also available to install a whole host of security systems to NSI Gold standards from alarms to CCTV.
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